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Sustainable, stylish and unique (not to mention on trend!) UpCycleDeco has bespoke solutions for all your interiors - home, office, events, creative business                                      or your home away from home. 

More unique (not to mention, greener!), upcycled decor is the perfect exclusive option for today’s style savvy and sustainability-conscious consumer. Our one of a kind retail items are thoughtfully curated from local Brighton (and beyond) makers and artists, featuring a high level of craft and the upmost attention to detail.

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UpCycleDeco also offers sustainable decor services for a wide range of events and interiors!

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Heidi Spring Designs

Bespoke Lighting

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Hepburn's Crafts

Macramé Art

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"Heidi is ridiculously creative on so many levels, and she continues to inspire me with her vast artistic skillset.  It is always a pleasure to see how Heidi combines her immense experience, imagination, and passion throughout all of her projects."

Ronde Allen, Mindful Massive, LLC

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